KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE is a limited liability company whose registered office is located at 140, Atlas Golf Chrifia, Marrakesh, and entered in Marrakech Commercial Register under number n ° 55971.

            KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd manufactures and markets under the brand "KOUNOUZ," a line of clothing and accessories themed on cultural diversity and fusion between traditional Moroccan clothing and modern clothing (caftans, gandoras, tunics, jabadors, djellabas, etc ...).

KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd owns KOUNOUZ’s brand exploitation rights and the corresponding graphics, which were the subject of a deposit to the Moroccan Office of Industrial and Commercial Property dated on 07/07/2014 and registered under number 160911.The above mentioned corporate is also used as a brand.

With the launch of the website “www.kounouz.ma” KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd " aims at attracting a clientele of natural and legal persons worldwide herein referred to as the “Client”.


The present general terms of sale govern all sales of KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE products. The Client acknowledges having read all the terms listed and available on the website in English and French. Any order placed on the website and confirmed by the Client means full and complete acceptance of the terms without any restriction or reservation by the client.

KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd reserves the right to change the terms at any time. In this case, the applicable terms are those in force on the date of the confirmation of the order by the Client.


KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd website presents the main features of products through photographs and descriptions.

All products on the website “kounouz.ma” are marketed until stocks are exhausted.

The company KOUNOUZ El YASMINE reserves the right to remove articles from the catalog without notice.

Article 3: ORDER

Contractual information is presented in French and English and will be confirmed at the latest at the time of confirmation of your order.

KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd company reserves the right not to record a payment, and not to confirm an order for any reason, particularly in the event of supply problems, or in case of difficulty concerning the order received.

Any order placed on the website of kounouz.ma implies acceptance of the present terms.

Any confirmation of order implies your full acceptance of the present terms of sale without exception or reservation.

The provided data and the confirmation shall be considered a valid proof of the transaction, and you declare having perfect knowledge of it.

The order confirmation is worth signing and accepting the transactions.

A summary of your order information will be sent in PDF format on the e-mail you provided during your order.

Any order confirmed by the Client shall be firm and final.

KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd acknowledges receipt of the order to the Client by e-mail within five (5) working days (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays in Morocco) from the date of the order confirmation.

Without prejudice to the foregoing, any change in the order of the Client must be subjected to a written agreement between the parties and will automatically result in a postponement of the delivery date originally scheduled. The delivery date will be determined again starting from the date of confirmation of the change.

All orders by the Client from KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd before ten (10) in the morning (GMT) on the working days shall be considered as placed on the same day. Beyond this time, the order shall be considered placed by the Client on the following working day.

KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd strives to ensure the availability of the products proposed. However, these are offered within the limits of the available stock. If a product is not available, the Client would be notified by email at the earliest opportunity by KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd. In the event that the Client’s order would have been paid at the time the product becomes unavailable, the client can then request via email the cancellation of his order against full refund by KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd and without any cost to the Client, or the exchange against another product at of the same price as the one originally ordered.


For non-resident Clients, shipping costs, including any customs duties are calculated based on the delivery location and the weight of each order, and are paid by the Client.

KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd ships your order outside Morocco through our partner DHL within 15 working days.

For orders in Morocco AMANA company will be responsible for the delivery.

Once the order is shipped, we will send you a tracking number that allows you to track your shipment.

In case of return, and upon receipt of the shipment by KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd, the Client will be refunded within 30 days.

On sale or discounted products cannot be returned or exchanged.

Upon confirmation of the order to the Client, KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd indicates the additional shipping charges in the summary of the order.

The ordered products are delivered within approximately fifteen (15) working days of the full and effective payment of the order by the Client.

Delivery is made to the address indicated by the Client during the order process on the website. In absence of the Client upon delivery, and after three successive visits, the mailman will leave a notice indicating where to withdraw the order.

If the Client has not been able to get the delivery of the order after three successive visits from the mailman, KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd does not take any responsibility for the said order. Accordingly, the Client shall not be allowed to ask KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd for a refund of the price of the order or any compensation resulting from a failure to deliver in the conditions above.

The information requested when ordering must be fully and correctly indicated by the Client to ensure the order's effective delivery. KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd shall in no way be held responsible for delivery delays resulting from incomplete or inaccurate information given by the Client.

The Client is required to check the content of the package at the time of delivery and to formulate, where appropriate, reservations to the mailman. The mailman is solely responsible for delays in delivery, theft, loss or damage during transportation. It is the Client duty to take down the reservations on the mailman's delivery note and send him complaints within seven (7) calendar days by a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

A copy of the delivery note given by the mailman to the Client mentioning clearly and precisely the complaint of the Client will be sent simultaneously to KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd.

KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd reserves the right to request all written evidence and information relating to the reservations made by the Client (photographs, original invoice, delivery note, etc.).

Notwithstanding the other general terms of sale, the transfer of risk to the Client on the products takes place on the date of delivery of the order.

Article 5: PAYMENT

The fact of validating your order implies your obligation to pay the quoted price.

The payment of your purchases is done by credit card via the secure system MAROC TELECOMMERCE.

The applicable products sale prices are those shown on the website on the date of the order. The price must be paid in the currency indicated on the website. Prices are presented excluding delivery costs (these are indicated to the Client in the summary or in the estimate of the order).

KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd reserves the right to change the price of the products at any time, without prejudice to the price of the current or already placed orders.



KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd undertakes to provide the Client a product that complies with the terms of his order after acknowledgment of receipt by KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd.

KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd will in no way be responsible for any damage, loss, claim, indirect, consequential or immaterial damage arising out of or related in one way or another to a particular information in the website, or any use of (or inability to use) the website and / or data contained in the website. The photographs, images, videos, information illustrating or describing the products, materials and / or accessories on the website are just indicative. They have no contractual value and may in no way engage the responsibility of KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd

KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd shall in no case take responsibility for any changes, errors or omissions in the presentation of products.

Any complaints or requests of exchange must be made by email or post to KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd Client service, no more than 3 days after delivery at the following email: kounouzelyasmine@gmail.com. Address: KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE SARL avenue Kadissia, Immeuble Oumnia, B2, Hivernage, Marrakech, Maroc.

The products are in conformity with Moroccan law. The responsibility of KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE L cannot be invoked in case of non-compliance with the legislation of the country where the product is delivered. It is your responsibility to check with local authorities the possibilities of importation or use of products or services you plan to order.

Moreover, KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd cannot be held liable for damages resulting from misuse of the product purchased. Finally, KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience or damage arising from the use of the Internet, including a break in service, external intrusion or presence of computer viruses.

Article 7: Force Majeure

The responsibility of KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd shall in no case be invoked in case of any defect of the product and / or for any delay in delivery resulting from any strike, lockout, epidemics, blockage of transport or supply means , embargo, failure to respect obligations by a supplier, manufacturing interruption, cut-off of telecommunication networks, flood, fire, nuclear disaster, war, regulation or requirement of the public authorities and, in general, any case of force majeure or acts of God, including all cases beyond the control of KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd and preventing normal execution of the general terms of sale.


The website www.kounouz.ma as well as data, text, information, images and photographs on this website or featured on it are the property of KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd, and are subject to any third party property rights and also to protection under the legal provisions relating to intellectual property in the territory. No data or information obtained from this website may be reproduced, sold, transferred, modified, redistributed, transmitted, adapted, published or commercially exploited in any way whatsoever without the prior written permission of KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd.

Any use, reproduction or adaptation in any form whatsoever of all or part of the elements or data of the website, without the prior written consent of KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd, constitutes an act of infringement. It is the same for all (verbal, semi-figurative or figurative) trademarks of KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd and any other distinctive sign of it appearing on the website and belonging to KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd.


The representation or transfer of defamatory, threatening, racist or political data, or more generally illegal data on the website or from it, is expressly prohibited. KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd reserves the right to remove any comments made by the Client on the website if this comment seems contrary to the foregoing prohibition.

The website may provide access to the Client -via links- to third party websites that are not controlled by KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd. KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd disclaims all liability for the said third party websites whose data might not comply with legal and regulatory provisions in force. KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd will be entitled to bring any action against any person who has set up a hypertext link to the website detrimental to the interests and / or reputation of KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd or its affiliates.

To order products, the Client must be of full age or provide a parental written authorization to KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd before ordering.

Client will have the option to choose between the different languages that are proposed on the website to place an order.


Before passing the first order, the Client must register on the website. To do this, the Client sets the username and password which will be requested for future use of the website or to update the information on his account. The Client is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password and / or any information related to his profile and discharge KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd of any responsibility in this regard.

The personal data disclosed to KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd by the Client and collected through use of the website are intended to ensure the proper processing of orders, to manage business relationships, to allow the Client to benefit from commercial deals by KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd and its partners, and / or to better meet the Client's expectations.

The Customer consents to the use of such data by KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd for the above mentioned purposes. Kounouz El Yasmine Ltd declares to be in compliance with the Law No. 09-08 on the protection of individuals with regard to processing of personal data. The Client has the right to access, correct and object, under certain conditions, to his personal data by sending an e-mail to kounouzelyasmine@gmail.com or by post on the following addressKOUNOUZ EL YASMINE SARL, Avenue Kadissia Immeuble Oumnia B2 Hivernage Marrakech

Article 11: PROOF

KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd files the purchase orders and invoices of products on a reliable and durable support as a true copy in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 53-05 on the electronic exchange of legal data (Article 65-4 clause 6).

The client agrees that writing in electronic form is admitted as proof in the same way as paper document, and recognizes that the data entered by him on the website constitutes evidence of the transactions between him and KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd.


The present general terms of sale are subject to Moroccan law.

In case of dispute concerning the interpretation, performance or non-performance of the present general terms of sale, only Moroccan courts are competent.

Article 13: change and return

The Client has a period of 3 working days starting from the date of receipt to return the items ordered either to be refunded or to be changed. Only items returned on time, in their original packaging, not washed, and not worn will be changed.

For a return, please notify us at the following email: kounouzelyasmine@gmail.com

Each change or return must be accompanied by your phone number as well as your wish to change. Return costs are paid by the Client. The Client shall arrange transport on his own or contact our partner DHL.

In case of return, and after receipt of the order by KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE Ltd, the client will be refunded within 30 days.

Cases where products can be changed:

- Mistake in ordered size (the ordered size and the delivered one are different)

- Mistake in the ordered color (the ordered color and the delivered one are different)

Cases where products can be refunded:

- Mistake in the size or the color of an order followed by a stock exhaustion 

- In such cases the products must be returned in the condition in which they were received with all the elements (accessories, packaging, manuals ...).

The refund will take place by crediting the card charged at the time of confirmation of the order, or by bank transfer

on sale or discounted products are not refunded nor changed.

Article 14: Securing Payments

The electronic payments’ security system set up by Maroc Télécommerce is certified by the interbank monetary center (CMI), Moroccan banks and by VISA and MasterCard.

The Maroc Télécommerce system guarantees the confidentiality of your credit card information because it is based on encrypting the exchanged information and based on standard and approved technologies. Moreover, your banking data is transmitted directly to the interbank monetary center (CMI).

The (CMI) is in charge of financial transactions between your bank account and that of our website.

To pay online by credit card, you must provide the type of the credit card, its number, its expiration date and the CVV code.

You guarantee be fully authorized to use the said card