Kounouz a is a ready-to-wear clothing brand founded in 2013. We offer a selection of unique clothes for women, men, and children; inspired by ancient Moroccan traditions and well-adapted to current trends.


We bring tradition into harmony with modernity to offer the best of every era. That’s what makes us unique. Our creations are distinguished by a wide selection of quality fabrics, contemporary cuts and refined designs.


At the core of our brand concept, we want to offer our customers the possibility to wear clothes inspired by the oldest and noblest traditions. Our style, although customary, fits well into contemporaneity.


Located in airports, our first points of sale have enabled us to monitor developments on an ongoing basis from very close by, allowing us to analyze the needs and meet the preferences of our international clientele. Our constant wish to provide top customer satisfaction is expressed through our completely original and unique clothing collections. These are made in Marrakech with passion and ancestral know-how through our master craftsmen.

Kounouz has recently received a certificate of recognition: the «Label Régional Marrakech-Safi» issued by the Ministry of Handicraft and Social Economy of the Kingdom of Morocco, for fulfilling their ultimate aim: «The preservation of National heritage while ensuring the development of artisanal products and particularly artisanal know-how». Kounouz also owes this label to its commitment to ensuring respect for labor, health and environmental standards.

In order to meet the specific and specialized demands of our highly diverse clientele, we have developed two different clothing lines:

Kounouz Casual: sober and casual style, an ideal choice for everyday wear, informal and relaxed occasions.

Kounouz Oriental: For an oriental inspired look, with a typical subtle touch, rich in colors.

Kounouz has now seven points of sale distributed in Morocco’s four major airports as well as shopping centers in Morocco’s major cities.

However, we are today asserting our presence internationally by opening new shops in department stores with the goal to make our creations accessible to the public-at-large.